Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Toy Story

This is our playroom. Earlier this year I cleaned out this room ,which was functioning as our computer/exercise/ junk room, so the boys could have a playroom. Previously the toys invaded our living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. It was not uncommon to find a superhero sleeping in our bed or a dinosaur hiding in one of Ben's boots waiting to chew his foot off. The last straw was the day I stepped on an army helicopter and cut my foot open. So now the toys are limited to this room, but as you can see you can't even walk in it. I know the moment I clean them up they will be right back where they were. Still I find myself fussing at them for bringing and leaving the toys outside of the playroom. This is a battle I'm afraid I will never win, for I am extremely outnumbered by the toys.

Sunday Ben and I took the boys to see the new Toy Story 3 movie. If you haven't seen it Andy is about to leave for college and his mom is forcing him to either donate his old toys or box them up to store in the attic. She stands in his empty room thinking back to the days Andy was a little boy playing on his floor with Buzz, Woody, and the gang. It not only made me cry but reminded me that my days of superheros, dinosaurs,cowboys,and pirates taking over my home are numbered. I've decided from now on that I'm not only going to tolerate it, but I'm going to enjoy it because unfortunately this too shall pass. One day that will be me standing in Davis and Wilson's empty rooms wishing for the days when they were on their floor playing Batman and Robin. So when you stop by to visit please watch your step and understand that this is our mess and we love it!

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