Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 2 and 3 Weigh-In

I guess it's obvious that I've lost the last two weigh-ins. But I thought I would post just to be fair and give Ben his props since I embarrassed him the first week. I knew once he got motivated he would be a force to be reckoned with. So alas, I've had coffee week for two consecutive weeks and it stinks. Practically every morning he steps on the scale ,"Hmph, I lost another pound." Through gritted teeth I say, "That's awesome. I'm so happy for you. Now, drink your damn coffee." No really I am proud of him, I just wish my body would respond in the same fashion. We've changed our weigh day to Friday, so only two more days until I find out I have to make coffee for another week.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 1 Weigh-In

Ben and I weighed in this morning after our first week of competition. Let's just say I won't be making coffee this week. I'm not bragging, just stating a fact. Heart-shaped Valentine's sugar cookies with icing might have had something to do with it. They just happen to be his favorite. Whoops, my bad!

We have decided on a deadline of July 4th, but still haven't decided on a prize. May the best woman win!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fun on the Mississippi

After being cooped up for the past month because of cold weather and illnesses, we were finally able to enjoy being outdoors this weekend. Ben had this great idea to go hang out by the Mississippi river. So that is what we did.

The boys were just so happy to be outside.

They didn't even whine about not having any toys to play with. But who needs toys when you have.... sticks
and logs

and a daddy who will take you fishing.
Trying to get plenty of QT with this guy before planting starts.

Time to go fishing


and waiting
Had enough of that...let's eat!

Smores make Wilson dance
What a good day....hated to see it end.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Next Newbery Award Winner

Davis wrote a book today during center time.

Tom and Jerry

Hello Jerry!

What are you? I am a mouse.

Jerry, what are you doing?


Jerry is trapped.

Tom is scary.

Oh no, Jerry!

Tom is skinny.

Scaredy cat, Tom is fat.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet Gary, Barry, Larry, and Terry

We are the proud parents of four African dwarf frogs. Wilson named his Gary and Barry, and Davis named his Larry and Terry. We have no idea of their genders. I'm just hoping that Gary isn't a Sherry and Larry isn't a Mary. Then we may have Perry and Kerry. Confused yet?

Here we have pictured Gary and Barry. Or wait, maybe that's Terry and Larry?
Who cares?! These frogs are absolutely the easiest pets to take care of. They only have to be fed every three days, their water only needs to be changed every three months, they don't eat your shoes, and they don't do anything creepy like eat each other. Which makes them the perfect pet in my book. So if your looking for a great "starter" pet for your child, can't keep your goldfish alive, or maybe you just want some companionship go adopt an African dwarf frog...or two, or four!

Healthy Competition

Ben and I have started our own "Biggest Loser" competition. There's nothing like a little healthy competition to get me motivated. The worst thing about it is that I had to tell him my weight....now if that ain't trust then I don't know what is.

Each week we will weigh in and the one who has lost the smallest percentage of body weight has coffee week. What is coffee week you ask? Well...Ben and I both hate making coffee so we each take turns making coffee every other week, which is what we call coffee week. Anyway we are slap dab in the middle of my coffee week so I'll be darned if I have coffee week back to back. We still aren't sure what the deadline is or what the final prize will be. We are just taking it week to week for now.

Why am I posting this on my blog you wonder?

1. For motivation

2. For accountability

3. For support

I hate losing and I am a sore loser! Most likely I will post if I am the winner for the week, so I can rub it in his face. It is not very likely that I will post if I'm not the winner. Then ,of course, everyone will know that I am indeed the loser. It's my blog and I can brag if I want to! If he wants to brag he can start his own blog.

Just in case, by chance I happen to lose one week I'm going to go ahead and post my excuses now.
1. Ben will starve himself to beat me. If I tried this method I would end up eating a whole pan of brownies.

2. Men lose weight easier than women.

3. He just got lucky.

With that being said ....It is on like donkey kong!