Tuesday, September 20, 2011


This past weekend we drove to Abilene, TX to pick up our new pet, Abby.
 As much as Wilson would like it to be, the frog is not our new pet Abby.

 Our new pet Abby is this Brittany Spaniel that hasn't sat still other than to poop or sleep since we brought her home.
 "Yes, Wilson that IS a nice frog, and NO, we can't take it home. How about the precious new puppy we drove eight hours to pick up?"

"I know a lot about frogs."

"Oh, really? Tell me about frogs"

"Well, I just know how to hold frogs. I don't know much about holding puppies"

Poor frog.

 Another failed attempt of capturing a priceless family moment. This was the best of three.

 We stopped on the way home to stock up on puppy supplies. Gotta love Pet Smart!

I think Abby and the boys are going to get along just fine!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nashville Trip/Dove Weekend

Opening weekend of dove season, I had the privilege of taking Mary Ellen Axford back to her parents in Franklin, TN and visiting with my old friend Ellie and her new sweet baby girl Annie. Oh yeah, Tommy was there too. The boys stayed home with their daddy to shoot up some doves.
 I took a picture of the boys with Mary Ellen right before we left. I think a little girl would look good in our family.
 This sweet little breath of heaven stayed awake the whole eight hour drive until about 30 minutes before we arrived. Thank God for Dora and Strawberry Shortcake.

 Sweet Little Annie Axford

 Big sis keeping a watch on things.
 Meanwhile back on the farm.
 I don't think there was much hunting going on. They look like they've had one too many out of their Daddy's ice chest.

 I don't think they missed me much. I bet they were glad I wasn't there to tell them to stay out of the mud