Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Batty Weekend!

Last weekend we stayed at the lake. I spent most of the weekend painting our bathroom, I had had about enough of the wild animal border and leopard shower curtain that I could stand. Friday night the boys spent the night with Billy and we went out to dinner with friends in Natchez at High Cotton. It was a Chef's table menu so we weren't able to choose our meal. For our first appetizer we were served figs wrapped in proscuitto topped with blue cheese and balsamic vinegar, our second appetizer (after we were seated) were crab cakes with Remoulade sauce ( which were amazing and I don't like seafood). Next we were served a BLT salad with a lemon vinegarette. For our entree we had swordfish, cream cheese mashed potatoes, and snap peas. I ate about three bites of the swordfish, but just couldn't get passed the semi-rawness in the center. And for dessert we had chocolate souffle with fresh whip cream. I was extremely excited about dessert from the moment I saw it on the menu. It turns out that chocolate souffle doesn't taste any better than a box cake mix. Talk about highly disappointed!!! I make brownies better than that souffle. Anyway, it turned out to be a fun night. After dinner we walked across the street to Biscuits and Blues and listened to Maggie Brown play while enjoying what I do believe will be my last Abita Strawberry beer for the year. On our way home we were stopped by an cop in Vidalia, which thankfully had bigger fish to fry so we didn't get a ticket. We then stop at Walmart to buy a very important morning Ben walks in to get coffee and comes out with a six pack of beer. Later down the road, I start looking for the coffee in the bag of beer and it is nowhere to be found. Talk about ticked! Apparently he had more important things on his mind....drinking beer, and left the coffee in the Walmart.

Saturday was just a relaxing day on the lake. Ben and I were able to sleep late and then rode around in search of coffee and to check how much it didn't rain before picking the boys up at Pop Pops, where they had been up and at em since 6 o'clock eating Pop Pop out of house and home. That afternoon Ben BBq'd ribs and took the boys fishing.

Sunday morning the boys went fishing again. Davis found a bat hooked on by its wing which was funny in itself but his reaction was even funnier "Hmm, I caught a bat". Just very nonchalant, nothing crazy or strange at all about finding a live bat hooked to your fishing pole. Ben was able to loosen the bat from the hook and we watched it fly over to the neighbors porch. Later, while they were fishing after taking a couple fish from their hooks, Ben sticks himself with the hook. Knowing that bats are a carrier of rabies, he decides to catch the bat to have it tested. After successfully catching the bat with a net and taping it up in a cricket bucket it later dies. Monday, Ben takes the bat to the LSU Vet School to be tested for rabies and finally yesterday he received the results that it was negative. So... Thank you Jesus! No foaming at the mouth for Ben!


  1. You have detailed my exploits over the weekend, but nothing about you tossing your cookies upon our return to the lake Friday night...

  2. You are so funny and it was a stomach virus! Be flattered that I'm writing about you.