Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Road Trip

Davis has been sick with mono for the past couple of weeks (unbeknownst to us until Tuesday). He has been feeling better the last two days, but the doctor's orders wouldn't allow anything more than him traveling from the bed to the couch. And yesterday we pretty much sat around and stared at each other all day while sitting on top of him.  Ben had enough of sitting around inside on such a beautiful weekend so he took us on a road trip today down the Natchez Trace.  We got on in Clinton, MS and traveled down to Natchez.

We made few stops on the way. Our first stop was a creek along the trace. We were oh so careful to carry Davis piggyback as to not disrupt his swollen spleen.

Ben read about our second stop on, The Old Country Store in Lorman, MS(right outside of Port Gibson). Aaaaannd I'm not going to lie, pretty much the whole reason for our spontaneous road trip. We came after their famous fried chicken, but their okra and tomatoes, field peas, greens, and cornbread didn't disappoint either.

Outside The Old Country Store

Inside The Old Country Store

Davis was definitely a fan of their fried chicken.

Soul Food Buffet. Yes, please!

Blackberry Cobbler A la mode.

Sweet Tea for Willy T
The owner Arthur Davis gave us a history lesson on The Old Country Store and then serenaded us with "Grandmama Was a Cornbread Cookin Queen". (And let me just tell you she was).
Our entertainment was worth the trip in itself!

Our third and final stop was at the Windsor Ruins just 10 miles southwest of Port Gibson. It was a plantation home built in 1861 and then destroyed by an accidental fire in 1890.

The boys thought it was so cool. Wilson said it was a haunted house.

Ben and the boys standing against the 45 foot columns

We left the ruins and headed home through Natchez. Who knew there was this much adventure just across the river?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ag Expo

Saturday, we visited the Ag Expo in West Monroe with the boys.
The boys had tons of fun holding farm animals (Wilson drop kicked his before I had a chance to get his picture.)

 Climbing on farm equipment,

 And petting wild animals.
Petting the python was Wilson's favorite part

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What's Missing?

What's missing from this picture? 
Davis lost his first tooth at dinner Thursday night while eating corn on the cob. His tooth had been wiggling for what seems like months, and it finally decided to give up the fight.

The toothfairy did not disappoint. Although Wilson woke up with a headache and claimed the toothfairy threw her wand at his head. was just an accident. So all is forgiven.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spooky Ghost Pizza

 I saw this cute idea on pinterest to make a pizza with cheese cut out in the shape of ghosts. The original idea came from, but I just took the concept and did my own thing. Here's how we did it: First roll out your pizza dough, add pizza sauce, and any other toppings you like.

Next, use a ghost shape cookie cutter to cut out slices of mozzarella or provolone cheese. 

Place your cheese ghosts on top of the pizza.

 Then clean your hands by licking all of the sauce off of your fingers.

 Finally, add diced olives for the eyes.

 Voila! Spooky Ghost Pizza complete with three and one eyed ghosts!

While your waiting for it to bake, find something to snack on while your mother isn't looking.

This is our finished product. It didn't quite come out like we expected. The ghosts sort of disappeared. I blame it on the leftover cheese that I used to fill in the spaces. Nonetheless, we had fun and enjoyed eating it anyway!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Soccer 2011

This year both boys played soccer. Our games began in early September and will continue through most of October. Wilson had a rough start, but gradually warmed up to it. Davis and the other first graders are the oldest on the team, so I think they have liked being the "big dogs" on the field. Next year, unfortunately Davis will have to move up and he and Wilson will be on two separate teams. But for the time being I've enjoyed watching my boys play together.
Coach Craig giving them a pep talk before the first game.

Davis seems to really be listening.

Wilson...not so much. Say What?

 Davis giving Wilson a pat on the back when he first came in.

 Wilson was frustrated. "Dis is too hard!"

Daddy giving Wilson a pep talk

 The second game was much better for Wilson. I guess the cooler temperatures helped.

 Wilson and George

 Davis throwing the ball in.

 Wilson smiling coming off the field...much better!

 Cheering on the team from the sidelines.

 Davis fell right on his behind after this kick.

 Silly goose!

 Silly geese!

Good game guys!