Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend in Memphis

I attended a Christian conference in Southhaven, MS Friday night and Saturday morning with some friends. Ben decided to bring the boys and meet me in Memphis for the weekend. This would be our last getaway before we headed back to school and harvest began.
Ben and the boys drove in Friday night and he took them to his favorite Memphis BBQ restaurant, the Rendezvous.

Saturday morning Ben took the boys to the Memphis Zoo while they waited for me to get out of my conference.
Davis and Wilson loved the birds

Saturday afternoon we took the family to a Redbirds game.
Wilson enjoyed cotton candy, popcorn, and ice cream for dinner that night.
I know...parents of the year!
Popcorn can be counted as a vegetable, right?

It was extremely hot. Memphis in July isn't much to be desired.

But we managed to have fun!

Leaving the park, I tried to take a boys standing at the entrance.
Can you find them?

Before we left Memphis Sunday morning, we stopped for brunch at Brother Juniper's. Ben had read about it on and I am so glad that he did. It was excellent!

Goobers waiting at the coffee bar in Brother Juniper's
Just a little FYI, Rachael Ray made a stop there for breakfast on one of her shows.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fig Picking at Granny's

The boys and I traveled north to Lake Providence to pick figs so Granny could make us some more fig preserves

Wilson started off strong.

Both boys were meticulous in choosing just the right figs.

Perhaps Wilson was too picky. This was all he managed to pick and then he was done. Looking at his face, I guess he was ashamed.

Davis was a bit more productive. Nonetheless we picked enough for 8 jars. I hope it lasts until next summer. Thank you Granny!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lake Fun

As we pulled up to the camp one night the boys spotted two armadillos and jumped out to catch them. Unfortunately, they got away.

Tree Climbing

Even Daddy can climb trees

I'm not sure what this face is about. I think Ben told him to kiss the fish.

The boys finally like swimming in the lake this summer.

Trying out our new kayak that Pop Pop gave us.

Feeding the fish and turtles as Netterville's Landing

Wilson is serious about lizard catching.

No one is allowed to move or talk when he is hunting lizards.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Fried Friday at Netterville's Landing

Fourth of July Fun and Food at the VandeVens

Sweet babies

Goon Squad

Water Slide fun

Our Entertainment-Bradley Bridges

Wilson's favorite ,the jumper, only because he was scared of the water slide that we later bribed him to slide down. He then proclaimed he was getting one for Christmas and then refused to slide down it again.

Hanging upside down

Both of our boys were scared to ride the tube even though they did it last year. We made them do it anyway. I know, we're bad parents forcing our children to have fun.

We were going so slow we couldn't even catch a breeze in the boat, and Davis is giving the thumbs down signal to slow down. I guess this won't be the summer we teach him how to water ski.