Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Wilson!

It's hard to believe

that this little guy ....

is already four years old.

Happy Birthday Sweet Wilson!

You have brought so much joy to our world.

I love you to Heaven and back again!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Beef and Blue Cheese Salad

My children have been gone all weekend and haven't given me much to blog about of late so I thought I would post one of my favorite recipes. Beef and Blue Cheese Salad is one of my most favorite recipes of all time. Another plus is that it is SUPER easy to make. Well, I've never actually made it. Ben is the one who always throws it together, but I watch him so I can say for a fact that it is indeed easy. He found this recipe in Men's Health Magazine a few years ago and we (he) make it all the time. Anyway here it is: Beef and Blue Cheese Salad

Recipe Notes: The recipe calls for plum tomatoes, but we use cherry tomatoes when they aren't in season. Also we use Newman's Own Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette and like it just fine. You don't necessarily have to use flank steak either, and I can't say for sure that we ever have. I think we usually use New York strip. Anyway, enjoy!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mississippi Children's Museum

A few months ago Jackson, MS opened up a children's museum, so I decided to take the boys during spring break. I took lots of pictures, but they really aren't too good because the boys wouldn't stay still long enough. One of the museum employees said it was one of their busiest days since their opening, which also complicated my picture taking since there were other children constantly running in front of my camera.

Water fun!

Digging up dinosaur bones

They never stopped moving.

I would like a convo with the engineer of this contraption. The boys would climb in on one level and come out on another level, while I raced frantically through the museum to find the stairs on the opposite end, knocking down other kids to get to mine, before they started panicking when they couldn't find me or God forbid someone kidnapped them.
Did I mention the museum employee saying it was their busiest day since opening?

Loading rocks

Barge captains

What a cute little turtle!

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Lots of costumes for dress up

Davis, looking for the letters to spell his name on the giant Scrabble board

Climbing through an intestine

Wilson: "I'm a bad guy stealing food!"
Me: "Now Wilson, it isn't right to steal."
Wilson: "I'm just pertendin, Mom."
I'm so glad our boy is practicing such high morals at such a young age.
Seriously, look at this face. Does it really look like he could steal anything?


Driving a combine

Working hard!

Give Bessie Give! The baby's gotta live!

This was about the twentieth time Wilson slid down this slide. Davis was a little more cautious and decided not to try it for fear he would get stuck.

Look Daddy, Cotton!

More fun with water....they each built their own boat and raced them down the river.

Making music

And even more fun with water! And no we didn't stay dry...just look at his shirt.

We got in trouble for hanging on this guy.
Note to Children's Museum staff:
Don't put anything in the Children's Museum that you don't want the children to play on.
It was a fun and exhausting day, but they got to sleep it off on the ride home.
A+ Children's Museum!
We will definitely be back another day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mardi Gras Parade

Last Saturday we went with the Watsons to the Natchez Mardi Gras parade.
We hung out at Fat Mama's Tamales while we waited for the parade to start which was conveniently at the beginning of the parade route. I enjoyed this parade much better than the one in Monroe because we didn't have to hang out there all day to get a spot. Also, the parade was shorter so it was perfect for the kids.

The boys had lot of fun.

Throw me something, mister!

I love the tractor pulling the float. I bet there aren't too many of those on the New Orleans parade routes.

Wilson whined about not catching a teddy bear. Luckily right at the end I snagged one for him. He didn't care that it was pink, but it's not a girl he said.

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

I have no idea what these three are doing.
After the parade we went under the hill to eat at Magnolia Grill.

Beautiful view of the Mississippi River!