Monday, July 26, 2010

Corn Harvest, Sunflowers, and Figs

Corn harvest is in full swing on the farm. Saturday I took Davis and Wilson to ride the tractor with their daddy. I packed them a picnic basket to take so they could eat lunch on the tractor with him. Riding out to the field, Davis was so excited he said, "This is going to be the best day ever mom!" And of course Wilson (aka Repeater Rabbit) says, "Yeah Mom, the best day ever!"

The boys made sure to dress up in their work, jeans, and a hat. I snapped a picture of the little workers and their daddy before jumping on the tractor.

Here is a picture of them eating their pb&js on the tractor.

Wilson got caught sleeping on the job.

Leaving the corn field, we passed by the sunflowers and I couldn't resist jumping out and taking a few shots of them playing in the sunflower field. They also helped me pick a few to put in a vase at home.

Sunday afternoon, we drove to Lake Providence with my mom to visit my Granny and to help her pick some figs to can.

Unfortunately, the tree had been picked over and our harvest wasn't as bountiful as we had hoped, but they had a good time anyway.

Here's Wilson showing off our harvest! Even though we weren't able to find many figs, I did manage to bring home three jars of Granny's strawberry fig jam.

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  1. Perhaps you will make some figgie pudding for Christmas.