Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend!

Yesterday was Ben's birthday. He had to spend his birthday working (which I think everyone should have a birthday holiday), so the boys and I took breakfast and his present over to his office. We gave him a painting of the boys walking through the cotton. I would like to say I painted it, but it was actually done by Maggie Ethridge . I had taken a picture of the boys last fall in the cotton and all I did was email it to Maggie. The painting turned out awesome! I'm seriously thinking about having her do another for our home.

Opening his present

the boys and the birthday boy

"Walkin' in High Cotton"

Opening his cards. Wilson was still in his pjs with bedhead.

The boys also drew pictures for Ben.

A picture of Ben, Davis , and Wilson holding hands drawn by Davis.

This is a Venus Flytrap with a fly inside. I think this was drawn by Davis and Wilson.

The boys decorating Ben's cake

The finished product! Notice the icing on their faces.


  1. how sweet. i love the venus fly trap on a birthday card.. go figure.

  2. That picture of the boys and the cake is identical to the one from last year, decorating the cake is obviously just an excuse to eat m&m's and dip their fingers in chocolate. Thanks for the wonderful birthday.

  3. I love Davis's holding hands picture. And, yes, I thought the cake looked familiar--why change something that's perfect?!
    barb (I feel so included now that I can comment.)

  4. What a happy family. You guys are adorable.