Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pirate Treasure

Pirates have been a longtime fascination of the Guthrie boys. The other day Pop Pop and P.C. took the boys over the levee to the sandbar on the Mississippi River to dig up pirate treasure. Earlier that day Pop Pop buried the plunder. I wasn't there, but I know the boys were psyched. They are all about pirate adventures! I can just imagine their reaction when they dug it up. They both found their own little chest loaded with gold coins and jewels. Wilson was nice enough to give me his jewels, but I wasn't allowed to touch his coins. He said the jewels weren't cool. In addition to their booty, Davis brought home a stinky possum skull which is proudly displayed on his desk. Pop Pop let me borrow his camera card to share the pictures.

I have no idea what that thing is that Davis is holding up, but I'm thankful he didn't bring it home.

! Looks like fun!

Pop Pop and the boys digging up the loot


  1. that is such a cute idea and so sweet of pop pop. grandparents are the best!

  2. I've looked at this post several times today b/c I keep thinking it looks like a storyboard for a really neat children's picture book.

  3. When I was somewhere around Davis or Wilson's age, my dad took me several times to a ditch in one of the pastures that I called the "deep ditch". This ditch was only about 10 feet deep but when you are a little kid, everything is bigger, deeper and more grand than things seem to be when you are grown. All I remember doing in this ditch is walking around, digging a little bit and maybe picking up an old bleached out cow bone that was lying around. That was over 50 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. PC and I hope Davis and Wilson will remember this adventure and one day refect back on a time when they believed that this spot on the west bank of the Mississippi River in Louisiana was actually a real pirate place. It was fun.

    Billy aka Pop Pop