Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet Boys

I took this picture Sunday evening, I think. I left Ben with the boys reading Cat in the Hat to go take a shower and when I returned all three of them were sacked out and it was still daylight. The boys hadn't had a nap that day and Ben was just warn out having worked late previous nights harvesting. This NEVER happens(the little boys that is...the big boy does it quite often).Most nights bedtime is a drawn out procrastination of chasing the kids around the house or of "Mom, I need to tell you something" or "Mom, I want some water" or "Mom, can you read another story". So needless to say it was a quiet, enjoyable evening.


  1. Hi Whitney! I just came over from Southern Mamas and wanted to say hello. What a sweet picture of all your boys. My husband is always helling me that the only photos I take of him are when he is holding my daughter and they're both sleeping. It is just too sweet not to capture!

  2. This is so sweet! Jesse always read himself to sleep when he attempted to read to our kids!