Monday, July 19, 2010

Lake Livin'

Here are just a few photos from our weekend.

Ben and Wilson riding the Mambo

Wilson, Kylie, and Vance

Davis, Ben, and Mary Clark riding the Mambo

Davis and Mary Clark

Me and Davis

Wilsie Boo


Having lunch at Nettervilles Landing. Davis took this picture.

Davis made me take a picture of him doing this.

Silly Boys

Uncle Scott stopped by on his Harley


  1. Those tubbing pictures bring back so many memories. Is that restaurant on Lake Bruin?

  2. Yes Ann, there is a restaurant on Lake Bruin. I think this will be their third summer to be open. They have a eating area outside which is over the lake. They also sell gas. Only open Fri-Sun and you can come by boat or land. It has been a great asset to have on Lake Bruin. We eat there pretty much every weekend we are at the lake. They have the best cheeseburgers!