Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little Soldier

Tuesday morning we took Davis to have his tonsils out. We had been trying prepare him for this day for over a month and he was least we thought. After we arrived at the hospital his enthusiasm quickly turned to anxiety. The nurse gave him some medicine that she said would make him "brave" aka and I quote "drunker than Cooter Brown." And that he was. We had a good time with him for about an hour before they took him back for surgery. I took a short video of him in this state, but decided not to post it for fear he would hate me later.

After they took him back for surgery, we only had to wait about thirty minutes. The doctor came and spoke to Ben and me after he was done and informed us the surgery went well and that to expect his voice to be higher-pitched. I didn't believe him, until we were walking to see Davis and he opened up his mouth to show me his throat and said in a squeaky voice,"Mom, they took my tonsils out." Indeed they did my precious little chipmunk. He sounds like he has been sucking on helium. I can't remember if the doctor said this was a temporary thing or permanent.
Nevertheless, he has been doing so well since we returned home. He requested macaroni and cheese for breakfast the following morning and would eat pretty much anything if we would let him. Several family and friends have stopped by to visit bearing gifts, and this has also kept his spirits up as well. He told me "Wow! So many people are bringing me so many presents." It has definitely been an early Christmas for Davis, and it hasn't hurt that he's been able to eat unlimited amounts of popsicles and ice cream!

Before "brave" medicine. Nothing like a little angry birds to calm the nerves.

After "brave" medicine

Bye Bye tonsils!

So glad Uncle Scott came to help entertain Davis.

Charlie was allowed to go back in surgery with Davis and had his tonsils removed too. He even had a bandaid on his paw where the i.v. had been.

Enjoying the first of many popsicles

Going home!

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  1. He looks very "brave" in his post brave medicine photos!