Monday, November 22, 2010

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Last Friday Davis's Kindergarten class hosted a Thanksgiving feast for all of the parents. Before the feast, the students helped prepare the food, some of which included chopping and mashing potatoes, cutting up fruit, and measuring and mixing ingredients for pumpkin pies. Davis was so excited that he helped cook the food that we were going to eat.

During the feast the children dressed up in their Indian costumes that they made themselves. Each student drew a picture of what they were thankful for and they each had a turn sharing what it was. One of Davis's friends said he was thankful for road lizards, snakes, and alligators. Davis said he was thankful that he was getting his tonsils out and drew a picture of his family watching him get a shot. I've never seen a child so excited about surgery. Poor thing hasn't been able to breathe through his nose in over a year, and it didn't hurt that he was promised all the ice cream and popsicles he could eat. Anyway they were all so cute and proud of themselves for their hard work.

Cutting up fruit for the fruit kabobs

Festive artwork that the Kindergarteners
made for their table setting

17 Little Indians

So proud of our little boy.

Enjoying the feast

Beffie and Davis

Davis loves "Miss" Traci !

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