Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Tree Farm

Since Davis will be out of commission after his tonsillectomy on Tuesday, we decided to do some early Christmas tree shopping. We took the boys to Curry Farms in Start. After we got there we jumped out of the car and the first tree I saw I tagged. It happened to be a tree that wasn't grown on the farm, but the only ones they grow are Leyland Cypress and Carolina Blue Spruce which don't hold ornaments or three year olds very well. Ben commented "Well this kind of defeats the whole purpose of the Christmas tree farm experience! We could have done this at Wal-Mart." Well maybe so my love, but you cursing as you hand-sawed last year's Christmas tree at the farm in Texas kind of also defeated the warm and fuzzy feeling of the Christmas tree farm as well!

After tagging our tree we set the boys loose to play. They had fun climbing and sliding on the hay bales, playing in the corn, riding the horsy-go-round, riding the caterpillar caboose , and just wreaking havoc in general. If you live near Start, LA, I highly recommend this place to buy your Christmas tree. They will even mount it on a stand and tie it on top of your car which will save the Christmas tree another good cussing. Minus the buzzing sound for the hour drive home, it was by far one of the most pleasurable Christmas tree experiences we've had yet!

I think he would make a good elf!

Playing in the hay!

We've never seen corn before

Funny Goats

Wilson on the caterpillar caboose. Davis refused to ride. I have no idea why.

Wilson is so funny


Corn Angels!

Having a ball!

Riding on the horsy-go-round

Racing Ducks!

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