Monday, November 1, 2010


Saturday morning we attended the Tensas Music Fest. I woke up early and participated in the Walk for the Cure while the boys went to work with Ben. After I was done, Ben brought the boys to me at the festival where they painted pumpkins, harassed animals in the petting zoo, got their faces painted, and did the spider jump. Well, Davis did the spider jump. Wilson got all hooked up to the harness and bungee chords then freaked out when the guy started lifting him off the ground. Reluctantly, I let them choose the design for their face painting. I was hoping more for a cute little puppy dog or tiger face , but Davis chose a scary skeleton and Wilson a pirate face. They both had a lot of fun. After a long morning at the festival, we all went home and took a nap.That afternoon we took the boys trick-or-treating to the grandparents and then later stopped by the Tuckers for chili dogs and smores. John David and Bailey came in for the weekend, so they came and hung out with us too. It was a busy but fun day!
Ben and Burns. He loves to swing babies in overalls.
Spider-Jump drop out
I was proud of Davis for doing the spider jump. He's usually a weenie about that kind of stuff.

Davis, Wilson, and the Tucker boys toasting marshmallows.

Wilson painting his pumpkin. He was so proud of it.

Davis and Mary Clark

Wow! I can't believe he smiled for me.

Mary Clark with her face painted

Wilson loved chasing the pig around to hear him squeal.

The chicks were his favorite.

Baby Vance holding a rabbit

Davis feeding the donkey.

Catherine and Charlie..Too Cute!

About a week and half ago my dad had an accident at the gin. He got his foot sucked into the module feeder. Luckily, he didn't lose his foot, but he had to have surgery and has to keep off of it for a month. He ditched his crutches and wheelchair and got a hover round. When I brought the boys to trick or treat Saturday afternoon, he enjoyed chasing the boys around on it in his Halloween costume. Wilson hit him in the foot with his fireman axe, so his fun was short lived.

Cousin Will and Davis

Will, Davis, and Wilson

The kids piled up in the bed watching Tom and Jerry

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