Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Critters

Here are some more photos from Ben's trail cam on Eddington.


  1. I love the tummy on the standing-up bear! Is the 4th photo a coyote? Also, your blog looks great, and I love the addition of Lyle.

  2. Thanks! The fourth photo is a coyote. Sorry! I got lazy on my comments for this post. I think this bear hung out for a while. Ben had another picture where he was lying down under the feeder. I guess waiting for the timer to go off again. Hope he doesn't run into him during a hunt. I think it is time to open up a bear season!

  3. i love your changes, too. and the critters are so cute! even if they're considered pests:) P.S. the gig is up when i look at you blog at work and the music starts! ha!