Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Visit

I don't have much to write for this post, but I wanted to share this picture. The baby, Mary Ellen, belongs to my BFF from high school, Ellie Axford, but doesn't she just complete the picture? I think we need some pink in our family. The boys have been asking for a baby sister since last year's Thanksgiving in Dallas where they spent time with baby Edie (Ben's cousin Ann's little girl). Anyway, I got to visit with Ellie and her family over Thanksgiving. In the brief time we were there, Ellie's husband Tommy managed to convince my boys that the rocket pack they want for Christmas is not only obtainable, but that it will actually make them fly. Thanks Tommy, I'll be returning the favor. Also, I posted this because I know Ellie is a loyal reader of my blog and is going to take the next step and actually become a follower. AND if she doesn't everyone who reads will know about it and frown upon her treasonous defiance.

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  1. Hmm, so you want me to become a follower, huh? Well, maybe that post should have gone on a little more about how I am the best friend a girl could ever wish for...even to my friend Whit that got me sent to the principal's office for mischief she got me into! I think all your readers need to hear how wonderful I am first:) Cute pic--love it!!!