Sunday, May 15, 2011

They Say the Levees Will Hold

Last week we took a ride to the levees to check out how high the river was. They have closed the levee to all cars and trucks, so we went on foot.

The gun was brought just in case we ran into any snakes or hogs. Ben had shot a hog earlier in the day on the levee and we didn't want to take any chances.

If you remember my post from the Mississippi river a couple of months ago, the river was far back on the other side of those group trees in the distance. Now it's over halfway up the levee.


and fancy free!

To be a child again where your biggest worries don't consist of losing your home or livelihood to a flood.


As long as my family is safe...

we'll be just fine.

They spotted an alligator

and found some worms.


"Momma, why don't you like worms?"

Wilson didn't take it well when he had to let his worms go

but, it was time to go home.

Nothing a slush can't fix!

Praying that the levees will hold...


praying for all the families who have already lost their homes, farms, and businesses to the flood.


  1. So good! We've been pretty concerned, as I know you have, and relieved with recent reassurances...