Thursday, December 9, 2010

Counting Down the Days

This is our family elf, Eli. He came to us last Christmas right after Thanksgiving. Every night after getting some good dirt on the boys he uses his magic to fly back to the North Pole to tell Santa all about if they've been naughty or nice. When he returns early the next morning he is always in a new spot. The boys love to look for Eli first thing each morning when they wake up. The only thing about Eli is that you can't touch him (or he'll lose his magic) and Santa will not allow him to talk to the children. He can, however, listen to your Christmas list and report it to Santa. Every now and then I will catch Davis or Wilson whispering to Eli what they want for Christmas. Last night Eli came in extra handy when he was hanging out in our dining room during dinner and Wilson refused to eat his red beans and rice. I just reminded that little deviant who was watching, and I have never seen him lap up dinner so fast. If I had only had an elf when I was little then maybe I would have received the white kitten I wanted instead of the stuffed one Santa left me, or the Barbie Ice Cream maker that I asked for that my friend Katie Stephens got down the street. I tried to tell someone that he dropped it off at her house by mistake. I'm still sore about that one! Hopefully these elves will prevent any more of Santa's mess ups in the future.

This is our homemade advent calendar. I found the idea in some magazine I was reading and thought it was too cute! It sure beats the 70 dollars I wanted to spend on the one from Pottery Barn. I just went around the house collecting miscellaneous socks from all of our drawers and used jute string, thumbtacks, and clothes pins to put it together. Here we have mixture of hunting, skiing, baby, (I had the pink baby sock leftover from a school art pink babies here)running, white, soccer, t-ball, dress, and christmas socks I picked up at the DG just for festiveness. The plan was to put candy or small toy in each of the socks for the boys, but I've missed a day or eight. I could probably just find a few small forgotten toys from our play room and they wouldn't know the difference. I guess Wilson had the same idea because on morning he put Davis's C3PO in a sock and told him to look in it.


  1. Levi would have had a lot to report to good old Santa on you little missy!!!!!

  2. the advent calendar is such a cute idea!
    as is Eli the Elf. I'm remembering all these things for whenever my parenting days come along.