Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumpkin Nutella Muffins

6:30 am is too early to be awakened by the sound of a kazoo on a Saturday morning. Especially when it is followed by a screaming, hitting fight over the kazoo... promptly followed by crying and hugging. All of this after a night of little elbows and knees in my back does not a good morning make. So I decided to make my morning a little sweeter by baking some pumpkin nutella muffins. I found and adapted the recipe from the Pumpkin Nutella Bread recipe on one of my favorite cooking sites, Two Peas and Their Pod. The combination of the pumpkin and nutella is out of this world! I wasn't crazy about the actual pumpkin bread recipe itself, but any recipe would do. Please let me know if you have a rockin' pumpkin bread recipe. I tried googling the pumpkin muffin recipe from The Corner Bakery, but I had no luck. I had all the ingredients for this one except the hazelnut extract. I texted or text (Anyone know the past tense of text?) Ben that I had them in the oven and before I took them out he had already stopped by to try one. He agreed about the pumpkin bread and suggested I add more nutella next time. I concur, the more nutella the merrier! The recipe made about a dozen regular size muffins and then I used the rest of the batter to make a dozen mini chocolate chip pumpkin muffins for the boys. They gave them two thumbs up!

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