Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Art

Sorry for another art picture, but it's all I have of late. We actually had our first soccer practice today, but I completely forgot to take pictures. I know the wait is killing you, but the thrilling soccer practice photos will have to hold off until next week. Anyway back to art...The picture displayed below is a drawing of a cardinal that Davis drew in art class today with oil pastels. They are studying John James Audubon so they have been painting/drawing different birds.

These are the actual drawings that they were supposed to be imitating. Davis's was the only bird that was drawn the opposite way. I really don't know what this means. My friend Ginny said it could mean he is a genius, but I think he's just a backwards bird drawer. Regardless, I thought his bird was pretty cute and I plan to frame it and hang it in his room.


  1. his bird is wonderful!! i couldn't draw anything that good.

  2. Dang! We finally have an artistic Guthrie. It's wonderful.