Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Won!

Davis's team won their first soccer game today. I believe the score was 7-4. They really don't keep score, but I do. Our team is only 4 to 6 year olds, but my competitive nature gets the best of me. I'm all for having fun, but who's having fun if you're losing? I HATE to lose! Last year I might have been a little too hard on Davis resulting in him almost not playing this year. I talked him into it by telling him his coach was a police officer ,which he is semi-obsessed with at the moment. He calls him Officer Rob instead of Coach Rob. Last year Davis pretty much just ran behind the crowd or stood by and watched the players run down the field. He is doing a little better this year about getting in there after the ball, and he actually scored a goal today. But really, I think he could care less.

The girls on his team out number the boys, but we've got some little all-stars. Even though I'm a mother of boys, nothing excites me more than to watch little athletic girls outplay the boys...only if they're on our team of course. Ella and Paxton ,thanks for leading us to a victory girls, even if you did make my son look like a sissy! No really, Davis isn't a sissy, but I don't think there is a World Cup in our future.

Davis and his new buddy Morgan

Huddled up getting the gameplan
Wilson, cheering on his brother

Throwing in the ball

Playing hard

FYI, our uniforms are green/blue and have Lakeside Ford on the front this week only because the guy messed up our uniforms. Next week we will be sporting our real sponsor's shirts Panola Co. in the beautiful LSU colors of purple and gold!

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