Monday, September 6, 2010

Dove Day

Saturday was opening day for dove season. Every year on this day Panola hosts a dove hunt where friends and family meet at the barn on Hwy 128 for a cookout then head out to the field to hunt doves. This year Davis and Wilson got to go hunting with Ben. Sometime during the early morning the boys sneaked into bed with us and before daylight broke I heard Davis tell Ben, "I'm so glad I'm going hunting with you today Daddy!" So it made for a long morning trying to explain to Davis that it didn't open until 12 noon. Davis brought his toy shotgun to the hunt, but I don't think that is going to satisfy him for too much longer. He is already asking for a real one.
Here are some shots I took at the cookout and the dove field.

Davis with his friend Philip. He looks like an elf standing next to him.

Bailey and Wilson
Thanks Bailey for being so sweet to my boys!

The three handsome Guthrie brothers. I'm kinda partial to the one in the middle.

Davis and PopPop
It was supposed to be a picture with both of my boys, but Wilson always acts like a jackass when I try to take a picture. He either refuses to smile or jumps around like an idiot. I usually try to bribe him. You can see his head at the bottom of the picture.

Wilson was still acting like a jackass in this picture, but I got what I wanted.
Thanks for being a good sport Pop Pop!

Me and Bay Bay
I'm so glad Bailey came in with John David again this year. I got to spend a lot of time catching up with her.

Ben and Wilsie Boo

Davis and Wilson had fun retrieving doves for the men.

The boys in the cotton field helping Rob look for a dove.

Ben and his hunting buddies with their kill.
Ben, Rob Green, and Felix Soileau...they look like they are posing for Charlie's Angels.
Ben had two friends from LSU come in to hunt. Ben lived with Rob for a couple of years in Baton Rouge. Rob lives in Shreveport now, and Felix lives in Eunice.

Brett and Davis
Brett is Mrs. Beth's nephew Robbie's son. Mrs. Beth's family from Franklin came in to hunt so we went over there to visit. Davis and Wilson both followed Brett around like his little shadows.


  1. Love the pics Whit!


  2. we are coming in for that next year!!

  3. I love how Wilson jumped from sweet Sir Wilson...tojackass....back to Wilsie Boo..kinda acting like his mother! Love Gammie!