Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Review

Here are just a few pics from this weekend. Friday night we went to cheer on the Chiefs. Davis and Wilson were all psyched because they had their own football jerseys. Davis and his friends played football on the sidelines during the game. Wilson mainly just ran around with his football pretending he was playing with the bigger boys. I don't even think I watched any of the actual football game because I was too busy chasing them around. I do think we won though.

Acting silly

Davis is a pro at the cheesy smile.
Wilson has the football player smile down.
Saturday, we went to the pool for what was probably the last time for the summer unless we make it this weekend.
Fun in the pool with one of his best buds

Wilson is all about snacks at the pool. He could care less about swimming.
I don't know if you can tell but Wilson has a sour punch straw dangling from his mouth.

Sunday for church, I argued with Davis about what he was going to wear. He wanted to wear his suit and tie that he wore last summer when he was in a wedding. He loves to dress up like his daddy. I kept telling him it was going to be too small, but he ignored me and put the shirt, jacket, and tie on anyway. It was too cute and too funny not to let him wear it. I did make him change into the matching pants, even though they were high waters.
He was so proud of himself.
I had to get a close-up of the tie that he put on all by himself.
Sunday after church, Ben cooked us an awesome Greek meal. He chefed up some chicken shawarma, hummus with pita, greek salad, and bulgar wheat. It's one of my favorite meals he cooks for me. It really does taste like the food from our favorite Greek restaurant in Baton Rouge. I will post recipes later, but too tired at the moment.

Davis took some leftovers for lunch today. I heard he wouldn't share his chicken. He must take after me, because I have a hard time parting with good food too.


  1. wow, what a great looking dinner. i wish chris would cook like that for me.

  2. Liz, you are the one who introduced me to Greek freshman year. Remember, you were dating that guy who managed that Greek restaurant on Essen, I think. We ate there one night during our try a new restaurant a week phase.