Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Bruin in BHG

This month in Better Homes and Gardens there is a feature article about the Cypress Landing camps on Lake Bruin that four families from Jackson, MS bought and remodeled. I don't know any of these people, but I think it is pretty sweet that there is an article about our beautiful little lake in a popular magazine. Also, if you look on page 75 you will see two pink pillows made by Becky Vizard (, a local of St. Joseph, displayed on the sofa. There is even a photo of our notorious local Ricky Brown ,owner of R& B's Bar who ain't afraid to pull a firearm on underage teens trying to get into his bar,on page 78 serving up some crawfish. (I wonder if he knows he is in there?) Ben's Mimi lives right next door, so she's practically in it as well and I'm married to her grandson so that includes me too! Well, not really, but Mimi's name could have been brought up in conversation over the disputed fence damage while BHG was there taking pictures. Probably not, but get your copy anyway and check it out for yourself!


  1. we own several copies of this piece of hard hitting journalism. i had no idea that was ricky brown. that's awesome.

  2. well, they were foolish not to include a scotty dog in this piece. I know where they could've borrowed one...

  3. Hey, Netterville Landing/General Store is just across the lake in the photo of the gazebo at Cypress Landing, so I guess we were in Better Homes and Garden also.