Monday, January 3, 2011

Santa Claus Came!

Santa Claus had to come to our house a day early this year, but nonetheless he came! I dread the day when my children stop believing. A couple of weeks before Christmas Ben made the comment, "You know this might be Davis's last year he believes in Santa Claus." Me with tears streaming from my eyes, "Why would you say something like that Ben Guthrie!" I mean really, we have a good 5-6 years left at least. Right?

I've discovered that Santa Claus likes to bring things to the boys that Ben enjoys playing with too. This year it was the Nerf machine guns. Oh, and what fun they bring to Mommy being the target and then having to pick up the 100 + Nerf darts all over the house! Last year it was a remote control helicopter. I guess Santa doesn't pay any attention to the age recommendation on the box.

Wilson's favorite thing was his tool bench. He loves fixing things and taking things apart.

Davis was most proud of his pellet gun. Ben took him out that morning for target practice.

Here he is proudly looking at where he shot the can.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We didn't get to see or spend much time with our out of town family and friends that came in for Christmas because we left early Christmas morning. Hopefully we will y'all soon in the New Year!

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