Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend in the Glade

Vienna sausages, chasing armadillos, Little Debbies, conversations about how well the campfire was built, mud, hogs, bunk beds, cabbage and cornbread, no shower, hanging deer carcasses

A quote from Ronnie McDaniel "It just doesn't get any better than this!"

All of these sum up life at the hunting camp.

The boys spent the weekend with Ben, Pop Pop, and their uncles John David and Scott in the Glade. And don't let me forget Scott's girlfriend Melanie (a city girl from New Orleans) who braved the wild for two days straight surviving on the delicacy of BBQ flavored Vienna sausages. Girls aren't always welcome, but I was extended the invitation for supper Saturday evening . So I along with Bailey, bravely ventured out to rough it with the men and Melanie for an afternoon. We were entertained with stories of armadillo chasing and talk of how nice the fire was.... Men sure do like to talk about their fires.

I did't take many pictures, but I did get a picture of the fire.

"Boy, that sure is a nice fire!" "Man! Now that's a fire!" "I don't think we have ever had a fire that fine!" I kid you not. It reminds of Tom Hanks on the movie Castaway "I, HAVE MADE FIRE!"

Most of these pictures were taken by Melanie. So I'll do my best to describe what is happening.
This is a picture of two men (Mr. Ronnie on the left and Pop Pop on the right) and Davis trying to grab an armadillo underground that escaped from their grasp.
This picture was taken after an incident with the toilet. I believe the nozzle broke off of the tank resulting in an overflow. Davis thought he was to blame so he ran outside and hid under this bench. You might pick a better spot next time, Davis.
Log rolling... that's the best I can do

Rolling down the hill
I have no idea...maybe he spotted an armadillo

Choosing the best logs for the fire, perhaps?
Some more log rolling

Thanks Mel for sharing your pictures!

Although it was a nice quite weekend alone ...
It sure was nice to have all my boys back home.
Hey, that kinda rhymes

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  1. You're funny, Whit. I can TOTALLY hear the fire comments in my head.