Sunday, October 17, 2010

Calling Baton Rouge

While the boys were away at Disney World, Ben and I took another trip down to Baton Rouge to watch the Tigers play McNeese. It was another perfect football weather weekend. We headed down south early Saturday morning and made it there in time to enjoy lunch at Pastimes, a local dive of Baton Rouge. After living in BR for five years, this was the first time I had ever eaten there. The place always looked so scary and uninviting with its barred up windows, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was a charming little time capsule packed with LSU fans and memorabilia, new and old. I'm kind of disappointed I missed out on it during my college years. Their menu has a wide variety of pizza and poboys. Ben and I shared the Big Ragoo pizza, which was pretty darn tasty. After lunch we checked into our favorite BR hotel, the Capitol House Hilton which overlooks the Mississippi River. Later, we headed to campus to scout some tickets and walk around a bit. We scored some pretty good seats again other than we were in the sun for half of the 1st quarter. Unfortunately, they were on the opposite side of the student section, so no drunkards to entertain us this time. Since we had no children to rush home to, we spent most of Sunday hitting some more of our favorite places before returning home. Even though we miss our children, it was nice to be footloose and fancy-free for a couple of days.

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  1. i wish chris and i lived close enought to b.r. to make some games. one of the best parts about having kids is getting away from them.