Friday, October 22, 2010

Disney World II

The boys and their gracious hostess, Ms. Libby

TyTy, 2010 nominee for Uncle of the Year

What a sweet smile, Wilson!

Can you see that it's Wilson driving? He can barely see over the
steering wheel.

Wilson and Ty Ty again.

The boys and Zurg

Jedi Davis, sending Darth Vader back to the "Dark Side"

Davis was too afraid to pose in a picture with Mickey and the other characters, but wasn't too afraid to get on stage and fight Darth Vader. Go figure!

This was serious stuff!

The boys and Miss Libby's granddaughter Loey

Wilson and Handy Manny

Wilson and Mickey

Miss Libby with her son and granddaughter

Silly Boys!

Gammie and the boys



Thanks Ms. Libby for everything!


  1. Boy, I want a Ms. Libby!!! Looks like they had a great time. I love the pictures of Wilson behind the steering wheel.

  2. no kidding! were those cars on a track???? looks like good times.

  3. love the pic of wilson hugging mickey!