Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Fried Friday at Netterville's Landing

Fourth of July Fun and Food at the VandeVens

Sweet babies

Goon Squad

Water Slide fun

Our Entertainment-Bradley Bridges

Wilson's favorite ,the jumper, only because he was scared of the water slide that we later bribed him to slide down. He then proclaimed he was getting one for Christmas and then refused to slide down it again.

Hanging upside down

Both of our boys were scared to ride the tube even though they did it last year. We made them do it anyway. I know, we're bad parents forcing our children to have fun.

We were going so slow we couldn't even catch a breeze in the boat, and Davis is giving the thumbs down signal to slow down. I guess this won't be the summer we teach him how to water ski.

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