Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lemonade Stand

Davis had been begging me to have a lemonade stand since we got out of school. I finally said "What the Hey..Let's do it!" I got out some paint and posterboard and Davis handpainted a sign. We set up shop outside of the Panola office and with some strategic planning were able to get some business from the friendly farmers just coming in from the field.

Open for Business!

Uncle Scott was our first customer. After he was served lemonade and sent on his way Davis leaned back and said, " My first customer..Life is good."

Davis told Wilson it was his job to stand by the road with the sign. You can tell how happy he was about this.

Finally, he decided a little teamwork might help.

No Shirt...No Shoes..No Pants...No Problem!

The Tucker boys saw our "advertisement" on facebook and decided to surprise us. They were in such a rush to catch us during business hours, getting dressed was the least of their worries.

Nothing like an honest day's work!

Thanks to some generous farmers, family members, friends, and neighbors the boys didn't do too bad.

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