Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet Gary, Barry, Larry, and Terry

We are the proud parents of four African dwarf frogs. Wilson named his Gary and Barry, and Davis named his Larry and Terry. We have no idea of their genders. I'm just hoping that Gary isn't a Sherry and Larry isn't a Mary. Then we may have Perry and Kerry. Confused yet?

Here we have pictured Gary and Barry. Or wait, maybe that's Terry and Larry?
Who cares?! These frogs are absolutely the easiest pets to take care of. They only have to be fed every three days, their water only needs to be changed every three months, they don't eat your shoes, and they don't do anything creepy like eat each other. Which makes them the perfect pet in my book. So if your looking for a great "starter" pet for your child, can't keep your goldfish alive, or maybe you just want some companionship go adopt an African dwarf frog...or two, or four!

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