Monday, October 3, 2011

Soccer 2011

This year both boys played soccer. Our games began in early September and will continue through most of October. Wilson had a rough start, but gradually warmed up to it. Davis and the other first graders are the oldest on the team, so I think they have liked being the "big dogs" on the field. Next year, unfortunately Davis will have to move up and he and Wilson will be on two separate teams. But for the time being I've enjoyed watching my boys play together.
Coach Craig giving them a pep talk before the first game.

Davis seems to really be listening.

Wilson...not so much. Say What?

 Davis giving Wilson a pat on the back when he first came in.

 Wilson was frustrated. "Dis is too hard!"

Daddy giving Wilson a pep talk

 The second game was much better for Wilson. I guess the cooler temperatures helped.

 Wilson and George

 Davis throwing the ball in.

 Wilson smiling coming off the field...much better!

 Cheering on the team from the sidelines.

 Davis fell right on his behind after this kick.

 Silly goose!

 Silly geese!

Good game guys!

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